In June 2012, I had an opportunity to go to UK (visited my sister) with my mom. Along the way in the flight, I could not sleep because i was so excited to reach London eventhough the journey took up to 12hours.CRAZY ME.My sister was waiting for us at London Heathrow Airport.
The first thing in my mind when I arrived at London was…
I WANT TO EAT RICE -_- Kampung girl
We stayed at Malaysia Hall and i was like so jakun..

Turn Right…….Waaaaaaaa
Turn Left………Whooooooo
*Impressed with surroundings*
Can’t believe that i was there..London.. For real?*macam kene lempang kan JAKUN SGT*
The next morning I woke up pretty early because I want to enjoy nasi LEMAK at MALAYSIA HALL = 3p

*The first thing i serbu after i had my nasi lemak for my breakfast*

Then took the train from London Marylebone station to Oxford station and straightly went to Bicester Village by bus. Shopping time!( Window shopping actually hahahahahah)

My mum, sister and I were at One of London’s most attractive stations. MARYLEBONE RAILWAY STATION

*Chic outlet shopping*

*Rambang mata Mummy*

*Picture time! Whilst waiting for the bus*

The the next day we had a chance to visit a few historical buildings around London.
*Me Camwhoring la.. all the times*

Waaa super exhaused yet so meaningful. Time for dinner.
Craving for nasi putih again.