I attended course on Islamic Microfinance for the Global Islamic Finance Forum (GIFF) at Sasana Kijang for last 2 days. I came in with empty mind as I know nothing about it ( life as a junior ) but I found the course thorough, most informative and relevant.The speakers were very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining complex micro-finance in simple illustration. Eventhough they were not “colourful” enough on the stage but they managed to remain my eyes open till the session finished.

Well, up to this 25 years of life, I’ve learnt that we really have to open ourselves up to learn with anyone *tanpa memilih bulu* especially in seeking knowledge.

Have you ever felt like you would go insane if you were forced to listen to one more minute of what a teacher was saying?

Because the teacher seems like soo tak menggembirakan n tak mencelikkan mata yg redup ini?

I have. * tunduk mata berkedip2 rasa bersalah tidak terhingga*

The importance of learning adaptability is not limited to baby per se.* why baby? Entah. Random* It pertains to you too. Adapting to change is a crucial skill regardless of who you are and with whom you are learning with.

Tak mau memilih or malu-malu penyu k.
Appreciate our teacher.
If we don’t open ourselves up, how can we expect to grow?

* Mata telah dijulingkan. fine *