During our tea break….
we have an important task to do..
Stalking each other’s fb.. ( I mean there are 20 of us in our group) but we only managed to stalk 2 people.

Well FB makes it even easier to stalk and getting latest updates about ppl…
Come on girls, don’t deny..just admit it:p

And another thing..
I also would like to share the inputs that i obtain during today’s session.The most paramount lesson for today’s talk is to learn about knowledge management tools and searching information.
Well in searching for information..there are always a few obstacles that will obstruct us from gaining a knowledge.
Among others:-
Can’t find information
Don’t know who to ask
Can’t keep up with the latest technology
Information overload

So we really have to plan our search.
If we really wanna know the right knowledge,we have to go the right sources.

You don’t have to know everything… U just have to know how to find it…

Kindly to share our knowledge:)