Golf is a favorite hobby of millions around the world. There’s good reason for the popularity of this sport. It’s relaxing and competitive at the same time, it provides exercise and fresh air, and anyone young or old can learn to play well and enjoy it.

I’m not the right person to talk about this but this is the game that my fiancé love the most (his first love and I’m number 2)
Then, he invited me to see his world to watch Tiger Woods in live!

CIMB Classic Golf Tournament at The Mines Golf & Resort.
Me: can I wear high heels?
*bimbo mode*
Him: why not? Sarcastic smile.

Looking of his smile, I know what It means.

So this is my outfit for today.


Me: Why u love golfing so much?
Him: Because it has to be the hardest easy game in the world. This the mind’s game.
I never saw him as excited as this before. Now I know his true love -_-
Mr. Tiger Woods.



My Future FIL & MIL 🙂