My fiancé is making me fat!

It’s completely his fault. What with his constant belanja-ing delicious food and persuading me to have nasi tambah with so-supportive-face.
I’m strictly on diet for the past four weeks n forcing myself not to have rice as my meal. ( trust me )

But then my fiancé always has a trick to undermine my diet spirit.
I received a special bungkusan from
him. I feel so excited to open it.
When I open it.. Oh my god! Look what he gives to me.

He said he cooked for me.
I sgt terharu….
It seems to me that the only reasons a man would cook for a woman are:

1) he’s studying to be a chef and needs the practice
2) he wants to destroy my diet.
3) he wants to make a sweet surprise

Thanks Akmal -_-