November 2011
I decided to wear braces because of the spacing between my teeth.

My teeth have TOO MUCH space between them. I faced so many difficulties before, especially in eating my favourite Ciken Goreng Dan pelbagai juadah yg disediakan.

So,after googling and make a deep research about it.. Finally I found one private clinic which offers very reasonable price to do a braces. Nama diberi ialah Klinik Pergigian Bangsar. Highly recommended.

Januari 2013
After a year plus,selepas ranjau dan duri dilalui.. Dr said I can take off my braces today! I’m super happpppppppyyyyy!

But.. But..

I have just spent several months or years, and a great deal of money and inconvenience..Now the braces are gone! But im not really done….

I must wear a retainer to help keep my teeth in their new positions. It is very important to wear my retainer exactly as my dentist tells me.

If i don’t wear my retainer regularly, my teeth will shift!

It’s hard to say good bye to my braces but I have to learn how to let thing go.
So,Good luck with my retainer.


Suke la tewwww
I’m wearing lace dress from ohmysuribazaar