With Eira Syazira. She’s wearing plain shawl from ohmysuribazaar

Here goes some tips from me on how to choose your ootd# (outfit of the day)

In considering what to wear, I will ensure that :-
1) I wanna look slim (since I gained weight back after marriage argggggh )

I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who always give a sincere comment for almost EVERYTHING including my #ootd.
This is one of the living example to show how unsecured I am.

Me: Baby, I nampak kurus ke pakai baju ni
Hubby: Tak.
Me: Ye ke?


Me: Baby, ok tak Baju ni? Nampak kurus?
Hubby: ok Cantik
Me: Ye ke? Ke u nak amek hati I
Hubby: -_-

I will post this question everyday to him Thank god u give him to me! ( with the hope that he won’t change)

In conclusion, every answer will be questioned either positive or negative.

2) I don’t want to look like a makcik

It’s a big NO-NO to look like a makcik.My definition of makcik is wearing many many many accessories OR wearing something beyond my age.

3) it’s important to choose right colour for your outfit

Wrong combination of colour will give you regret for the rest of your life! I used to have this experience..when I was a kid..i love to experiment to wear weird colours.
To teenagers outside there.. It’s occay to make experiment but cepat2 sedar cay. Take note.

I try to restrict myself to only have 3 combination of obvious colours into my outfit.

I have exception for this; when I’m not well I will just grab whatever Baju sometimes combination with yellow and orange.. WO! As a protection,I will wear shades to clinic so that people won’t recognized me. Hidden trick. Org tak hairan and tak kenal pun padahal.
Don’t laugh.

I will always believe in wearing something that makes u feel comfortable and suits with your personality.

Remain your originality.
Protect it.
Don’t let others determine it for you.

I’m also wearing plain chiffon shawl from www.ohmysuribazaar.wordpress.com Senang dibentuk and available in 36 colours!