I felt so honoured to be invited as an EMCEE for the lauching of Roman by Malaysian prominent writer, Khairulnizam Bakeri. His first novel “Pecah” already being adapted into movie by Grand Brilliance and I’m so proud with this malay guy!
It was the launching of his bookstore company, uniqely called as a Roman.





It was a lovely event and wonderful experience to me for being invited to become a host of the ceremony and I managed to meet so many novel writers!

When I received the message from Nizam Bakeri to become a host..I felt so small because I don’t think I’m good enough for it.. But my inner power brings me to the best in everything I do..especially when people have faith in our talent.

The event was done successfully and thanks to Roman and the great team for giving me this opportunity.

After the event had finished, I received this message from Mr Nizam and he is definitely giving me such a strong motivation to improve myself MORE and MORE


I felt honoured and humbled. All praises to the Creator. Alhamdulillah.



And guys, I definitely recommend all the books from ROMAN.. Such a great novel that you rarely seen in Malaysia.
Click here to purchase www.roman.com.my

And if you are looking for an emcee for your big day or any event, I’m happy to offer my service to you.
Till then.
Au Revoir.

Nana Farhana